The Bowling Club
Kings Head Bowling Club:
  • Bookings and applications for membership are not made through the pub, though the staff will contact Bowling Club Officials.
  • All Booking and applications for membership are made through:

    The Secretary ( 957)

    Or use the - Contact Us - Button from the Menu to send us a message.

  • Team and Social members can use the green at any point in the season, unless the Green is closed for treatment, or a match is in progress.
  • Large or small parties of amateur bowlers may book the Green for private games. The fee for this is £5 per head, including use of the club’s bowls.
  • Access is only possible when the Pub is opened. Which is generally after 2 pm.
  • There is a car park 20 yards down Theatre Street, opposite the Pub.

Conditions for playing on the Bowling Green:
  • Younger Children are welcome under adult supervision. Older children are encouraged to play with the use of Club Bowls at £5 per head.
  • The Green is run on a voluntary basis and all funds are used to maintain it, with a priority being the playing surface.
  • Basic rules reflect the atmosphere and culture of Crown Green Bowling, courtesy and sportsman like behaviour is a requirement.
  • The Green surface is only to be used for playing of bowls.
  • No high heels or footwear that may damage the playing surface are allowed on the grass.
  • Playing games, running, lying down or sunbathing are not allowed on the playing surface.
  • Dogs are welcome only if the owner cleans up after them and they are under control and kept off the playing surface.
  • All doggie bags and contents must be removed from the Bowling Green site by the owner.
  • The use of aggressive behaviour or foul or threatening language, on the Bowling Green site will result in the offender being asked to leave the site and, if in membership, their membership being withdrawn by the Committee.
  • Any foul or aggressive language or behaviour toward any member of the Committee or Greenkeeper will result in the offender being banned from the Bowling Green site.
  • Please take your litter home with you.
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