Kings Head Bowling Green.
The Green has been in use since the Battle of Trafalgar and is shown on the earliest known map of Ulverston in 1832 just east of Mr. Redhead’s garden, here shown in green. Other bowling greens of the time are highlighted in blue.
1832 map
Naval records indicate a player on the Green was a William Mackereth , born in Ulverston in 1780 who later fought on HMS Naiad, a frigate at the Battle of Trafalgar.

Our bowling Green can again be seen on the map below of 1852 (Highlighted Green) behind the Kings Head Public House. Another bowling green was based on what is now New Market Street, and the Indoor Market (Highlighted Blue).

1852 map
If anyone has any more information about the history of Bowling in Ulverston, and in particular of our Green behind the Kings Head, do please get in touch.
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